ABOUT Rudite Photo Art


Photography – Graphic Design – Art of Printing

Welcome to my creative world of photography and graphic design! My name is Rudite Stiebre and I am the person behind the scene of Rudite Art. Based in Munich, Germany and Riga, Latvia I capture and create meaningful moments to make others, and myself included, happy with the result and in the process.


Graphic design and photography are my main passions witch fulfills my everyday life. Weekdays I work as full time graphic designer at marketing agency where my main tasks are creating of website designs, online banners, social media posts, photography, videography, online and print flyers, buissines cards, notebooks, greeting cards, envelope designs, etc. Near by I work on my personal projects in graphic design and photography as greeting cards, business cards, flyers, envelope design, online banners, website designs. Wedding invitations as table cards, menus, guest list poster, wedding newspaper, stickers, labels and all other necessities has a special place in my heart. Portrait photography, weddings, couple and family shootings, pregnancy, application shootings, party and other events are the main areas I work in. If it is needed – my design projects mostly includes full print service as well.



Portraits, Weddings, Events


My friendship with photography began already in 2013 when I bought my first camera and I was just playing around in fully automatic settings. Later on I took part at some short time photography courses where I learned basic settings and started to really try out different options, lightings and scenes. I always liked portrait photography more than architectural or landscape photography – except if you put persons in thoes scenes – but my excitement and love for it growth in year 2015 even more. And so does it till today.


Graphic Designer

Invitations, Business cards, Flyers


Graphic design is my other love which I understood almost at the same time as I found my passion for photography. Later on I studied and graduated University of Latvia and received Bachelor Degree in Art – profession – graphic designer.



Digital, UV and Screen printing

Form digital to screen printing, from foil stamping to UV printing, from laser cutting to wax seal stamping. Printing is what makes ideas and design become real. And with the help of fine selected art paper the design gorgeously shows it character in all of its beautiful and edgy ways.